Exercise. Food. Attitude.

Exercise. Food. Attitude.

I can’t believe we are now into March. Where does the time go? I have great things to report this month. FINALLY, I am getting it all together… I know you’ve heard this from me before, but I’m making it happen now. I have to.

What spurred these feelings of needing to lose weight finally? What kicked me into gear? I think I have been feeling bloaty and not in great shape for a while now.

I Decided to Change So I am…

The final straw was going to my annual doctor’s appointment and stepping on the scale. Even with shoes, and a sweatshirt, it was a bit of a surprise and disappointment. I knew I had to lose weight and get healthy again for me.

When I lost weight in the past, it was because I did it for me. No one else but for me. Of course, I wanted to be a better role model for my kids too, and I may have lost weight despite people who didn’t believe in me.

I am doing it now for the body I was given and the life I am lucky enough to live. It’s a gift to be alive and I am going to treat my body with the respect it deserves.



It all started when I was walking with a friend and we decided to check out a new local gym, that we’d only seen driving by. It’s new, small and has a lot more machines than the gym I was a member of.

At first, I thought, I don’t need this it’s a few dollars more than my gym and there is a branch of my gym in Florida that I go to when we visit. I left not really thinking I would change, but after my doctor’s appointment, I decided I needed a change. I had been a member of my other gym for years, even followed them when they moved to a not so convenient location.

The funny thing is the new gym is in pretty much the same location as when I started at my other gym. So, location was much more convenient for my new gym, there are more machines, I can pay for classes if I want to, they will have a juice bar, there are big windows, and it just feels like I’m on vacation. Oh, also there are a huge set of covered stairs in the open parking garage right next to my gym and I love the stairs! I’ve already run those stairs four times now.

This is a new gym for the new me, the me I am respecting enough to get and keep in the best possible shape.

I have been going to the gym every day. I have been carving time out of my day because I must. I must take care of me, so I can take care of everyone else in the best possible way.


This week I ran the stairs next to the gym for 45 minutes, and then went inside and did biceps and triceps. The next day I did the machines in the gym and then did triceps and chest (I did triceps again because I started a new weight lifting program).

Yesterday, I did the running machine walking fast on an incline to warm up, the step machine, the elliptical and rower, for a total of 57 minutes.

I started doing weights again because I burn more fat consistently than just cardio and I’m strengthening my bones. I started Jamie Easton’s free Live Fit 12-Week Trainer. I lover her she is such an inspiration. You can read more about her and other fantastic inspirations


After my doctor’s appointment; I decided to look for a cleanse. I realized the importance of a cleanse after watching some fantastic documentaries like Hungry for Change.


After listening to Dr. Alejandro Junger (Author of Clean) speak on the documentary Hungry for change; I decided to clean the toxins from my body before removing fat cells because the fat cells absorb the chemicals in our body. If we lose fat and don’t detox it can harm out bodies. So, I got a cleanse kit from Whole Foods and a probiotic and started with that.

I started drinking a smoothie that I love for breakfast: chocolate almond milk, a frozen banana, and 2 tablespoons peanut butter with ice. It tastes amazing. I would work out have a banana and then come home and have a salad before picking my daughter up from school.

I’m motivated to make great good choices. I’m not perfect again but vastly improved and ready to get healthy.


I am determined to get healthy and fit, to be the best version of me. This is my current attitude and when It wavers I will need to remember why I am doing all of this because I MUST.

I respect my body and am grateful for this life I’ve been given. I want the best possible version of me and I’m working towards that.

So, if you’ve been thinking about starting to get healthy and haven’t started, start today, and do it for you. Do it for the parent you could be, the role model you are and love you have for yourself.

Also, check out my post about Hungry for Change, it will motivate you.

And Jamie Easton is such an inspiration check out her free Live Fit 12-Week program and check out more inspiring women in, 5 Fitness Greats Who Will Motivate You. 

Hope you guys all start your journey today or find new motivation to continued success! Best.


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