Journal Starting Over in the New Year

New Year Starting Over…

It’s now January and time for many of us to be working on those New Years Resolutions. I’m not a big fan. I have things in my mind I want to work on. Things I know I’m accomplishing, but I don’t want to set New Year’s resolutions just because the date turned to January 1st. I want to constantly improve and make all year time for resolutions and not make New Year’s special.

As far as how I’m doing. In school, I have been giving it everything and have all A’s except one high C in Math and I was over the moon excited to get through it. Math is hard for me, always has been and to put 200% effort in and get through it is fantastic. All I have left are computer classes and a few Graphic Design classes. I am excited to learn everything I can in Web Development.

So, for months now I have been only focusing on getting through my math class successfully and never having to take another math class and I’ve done it!

I have not been successful in other areas where I should be. I can’t do it all.  I went from sheer panic and terror to completing my class successfully with lots of tutoring sessions and mounds of homework.

I had to stay awake and focused to get through math. I went to my old bad habit of drinking lots of coffee and eating sugar to stay awake and deal with stress. So, now I have a lot of work to do on my weight loss.

I have gone backward in taking care of me physically, putting school first. Math first. I just started new classes, one so far. Two more classes start in a few weeks, so I expect to be insanely busy again. I must learn to balance things better that’s always my problem. I get so focused on my goal that other things suffer.

Hot Yoga

We just came back from Florida after Christmas and I went to 5 hot yoga classes. I love hot yoga but have only gone sporadically for years. It was fantastic to be back, and my muscles were relaxed and not stiff as usual. I’m considering a beginning offer from a Yoga studio to continue with yoga.

I must get myself going again. I hope you all have successfully completed your goals. With eating and weight loss, I have a long way to go. My birthday is at the end of February and it would be amazing to be on my way to getting fit by then. I keep thinking I should start training for a half marathon. That would be one way to get me on track.

Yesterday was a success with an hour and a half at the gym. I even ran on the treadmill a little. I also ate well. So were on day two. Let’s see how it goes.

Best to you all. Keep on going forward determined and believe in yourself.


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