August Journal Eating

August Journal Eating

Where Have I Been?

I haven’t written in a while… I have been concentrating on school, school, and more school, but that is paying off with more A’s.

Kids & Stomach Knots:

I was nervous because my oldest daughter started high school. Dropping her off felt like the first day ever of school, preschool, or kindergarten. It was hard. Watching her walk away I felt a knot in my stomach and perhaps etched the vision of her blue jean dress in my mind like when she walked into preschool in her rain coat dragging her umbrella long ago.

I want so badly for things to go well for my kids but all I can do it let them go in the world. I can hope and pray that the love and lessons that I have taught will be enough to survive and hopefully prosper.

I guess the one person that I can sort of control is me.

Working Out:

I am still working out as usual. It has been less often when I’ve needed to get homework done on the computer. When I have studying to do I go the gym and get on the step machine.

Recently, I visited my favorite park. For those of you in central Ohio, you know it High Banks Park. I love the seclusion, the wooded greenery, the hills, and dips. It makes me happy to feel like I am somewhat alone with nature. I did 7-miles of running/walking since I have not really been running a lot. It only takes two-weeks to lose your physical gains, but a glass half full girl like me will tell you that also means it only takes two weeks to get physically better too!

I am heading to the dam after this. It has a huge hill and I’m going to conquer that today or at least try. I will be working out alone.

Be Safe:

Especially when you are working out alone, it is important to have some protection on you. You could learn to use mace or hold your keys while you exercise. You can read more tips about how to stay safe while working out with, “6 Top Things to Do for Your Safety.

School Makes You Think:

This semester I wrote research papers about how women and girls are treated, represented and affected by the media.
Researching how media objectifies women made me rethink why I always want to me fit. Was it because I was influenced by what the media was trying to tell me? Such as how I should look or who I should be? Or because men who are primarily in charge of the media were influencing my decisions?

The thought of media influencing my decisions irritated me, so I think that is one tiny cause of my slip in taking care of myself the way I should be. I am now over that and I am only getting fit for me.


Eating in the Abyss:

My eating has plummeted back to the abyss. Way beyond light or where any being with eyes can go.

I would like to climb back up and stay focused again. When I’m in school I need quick energy bursts of sugar or caffeine. Now that the semester is over and I am getting refocused.

I have started filling my meals with lots of fresh veggies and cutting out the bite sized chocolate treats. I have filled the fridge with lots of great choices. One thing I’m excited to make again is zucchini noodles with the spirulina machine. It makes beautiful spaghetti noodle shapes. I plan on making yummy veggies noodles soon and perhaps sautéing them in garlic. It’s time for me to focus and stay focused.


What is my plan to stay focused? I take a huge bottle of water with me everywhere. Not a gallon size but still a respectable bottle that holds six 8oz servings of water. I am thinking more about what I’m eating. So, I’ve got some hard work ahead of me.

I hope you are all well, successful, and happy. Best of luck on your goals! Until next time. I’ll try and not be away for so long…

Here is a helpful book on personal safety:


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