Being My Authentic Self

Authentic Self

Am I my authentic self?

I keep hearing bloggers talk about being your authentic self in your writing. Am I real and honest all the time? Do I let you know when I’m feeling not so great: fat, ugly and when I can’t stand to look in the mirror because I’m feeling self-conscious and not happy with myself?

I don’t think that I admit when I feel ugly, and fat, or like I’m getting old, but I should admit all that because then I am more authentic.

We all have these days after all we just don’t announce them to the world, even if this part of my world has a small audience.

While I was in Florida a week or so ago, I was feeling all of these negative emotions and words.

I would never call anyone else: fat, ugly or old, so why do I treat myself so badly?

Many of us do this, I hear it from people all the time. When you give someone a compliment and they say, “No I’m fat,” or some other mean comment to themselves.

How about we all stop.

We are all beautiful in our own unique way. Even when I was feeling so negative I could think of things I liked about myself both physically and in other more important ways.

I don’t feel like a vain person. I don’t like feeling vain because I know what is important to me and it’s how I treat others, becoming a better person, mother, daughter, wife, friend, and human being. To be a part of improving things for today and other generations, constantly learning and experiencing new things.

While on vacation I ate whatever, whenever I wanted, but I had also been exercising every day. Most days on the beach and lots of miles: 10, 9, and less. I even went to the gym two days.

It’s just always the same problem with me. It all goes back to eating. I started this website because I have a passion for fitness and healthy food. I want to learn, and research questions/concerns that we all have and come up with solutions while being my authentic self with all of the difficulties that come with that.

So, I’m trying to be a more authentic me. Part of that is sharing videos and pictures that maybe haven’t been my favorite. While I was in Florida I did a video for New Years and I wasn’t thrilled with my no makeup video, but I’m going to post it, here and now because why be so vain?

In this video, I wished all of you amazing people a Happy New Year, and gave you a quick fact that: Just 5 minutes of exercise in a green space (outside) will boost your mood and if you have water near you then that improves your mood even more, per

So, get outside and enjoy nature, even if you have to put on tons and tons of layers.

Let’s all remember to push through those negative feelings and add positive words instead.

I have been honest and that puts me on a more authentic path. Maybe once we are honest with ourselves and others it’s easier to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and move on to positive action instead. So have a fabulous day you amazing people and remember to be kind to you.

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