Birthday Reflections: February Journal




I just had my birthday and it always feels like a time of reflection for me, more so than New Year’s Eve. Don’t get me wrong this was not a difficult birthday, mid-40’s isn’t one that bothers me.

It’s just when it’s my birthday, it should be a time of change. A time to consider what I have accomplished over the last year of my life and what direction I want to go in this year.

It’s a time to really ask myself, “Am I happy with where I am and where I’m going?”

“What do I need to do to make the things I want to happen?”


I’m making some of my goals happen, school. Things are going well so far; although, it’s a lot more work than I’d anticipated, and that’s just for two classes. I need to start slowly, so I get used to it all. It’s going well just hard to keep up on everything else when homework is due all the time. I am loving learning Photoshop and amazed that you can change anything in a picture and make it look natural, but I promise not to post a picture of me and make myself look 20 and perfect.


I’m still slightly sore from running the stairs two times in the last few days, (DOMS. Delayed onset muscle soreness). I was thinking it would be nice if could get the fat burning effects for if I feel the soreness. That would be fabulous.

I LOVE being outside in the unusually warm weather we have been having in the 60’s here in Ohio. It’s really the perfect workout weather, especially with the sun shining down on you. I walked 6 miles with my best friend a few days ago, and one reason we went that far was we couldn’t find our way out of the housing complex. It was a gorgeous day, so we really didn’t care too much until we started getting hungry, then you better believe my friend flagged down a cute biker to help us with directions.

I am heading to the stairs again today since I was lucky enough to get to spend my birthday with some incredible friends. The stairs are covered for this rainy, yet warm day. Perfect for me, I get to enjoy the weather and still be covered from the rain since it’s a new parking garage with lots of openings.

I’m not going to lie; my working out has suffered because of school or really because I am making school an excuse. No more.


I’ve got to go here, even if I don’t want to. Time to be honest and true, to tell you that as usual, I’m not getting anywhere slowly. I, of course, had birthday cake and a treat at a delish café called The Fox in The Snow (for those of you in Columbus, Ohio).

It was the most beautiful coffee shop bakery. I shared the largest egg sandwich I’d ever seen with one of my best friends. Then we shared an enormous and equally delicious cinnamon roll. It was fantastic but I would not even want to know the calorie count. For dinner, we went out for pizza at our favorite place. Yesterday was a calorie filled day. One day doesn’t really count though it’s all the days that add up and those haven’t been great. So, on I go plugging away like everybody else needing to get my head in the game.


My birthday was incredible only because I am blessed to know so many sensational people, who made my birthday one to remember.

I was given gorgeous flowers, chocolate (people know me), inspiring books, funny cards, beautiful birthday wishes, and more. My daughter even made me a card with funny puns, that I will cherish forever along with her older sister’s paintings.

I want to head in the direction I’m going with school. I would love to write more on and provide insightful information that you want to know.

As far as working out I want to push it as usual. In the very depths of my mind, I think about the Columbus Marathon that I did many years ago, now and wonder if it would be good to train for that or something again. My eating must improve. I must focus and care enough to do it for myself first and then an example of health for my girls next.

I feel good about this year…


I’m really excited about what’s coming up on I have decided to start a series of interviewing strong and talented people in all exercises and sports. I will speak to a person inside a sport, who has trained for the sport or is a teacher. I am going to get the inside scoop from experts about what to expect from that sport if you want to try it or how to become a teacher. I am excited to be working on my first post, hopefully coming up soon…


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