May Journal Working then Workingout

May Journal Work then Working out

It’s now May: Can you believe we are into Spring? How are you doing with your goals? Me, I’m going to school. It’s hard. Just finished up my first set of classes and I did well. Really well all A’s!! I did well in class that is…

Eating Everything Check:

As far as focusing on my eating habits, not so great. I tend to have superhero focus on a narrow range of things and get them done well. Everything else suffers. Right now, my superhero focus is on school because I can’t fail. With school loans, I only have the option to succeed.

Working Out & Studying Check:

I have been working out: long walks with a friend on the weekends before our families are up. Also, one thing I’ve been doing right is studying as I’m working out. Now, this is no pounding session on the running machine or the hard stepper. It’s on the easier stepper (but still stepping hard) and being able to read my notes and study as I work out. One day, I was wearing a regular cotton shirt and had sweat from head to my abs (saying abs sounds better than stomach, right now I’m at least a marathon and a triathlon away from a six pack… far. Far away).

I worked out for an hour and a half on easy machines while I studied. Then I went into the changing room and a fit lady said, “Wow that’s some good sweat.” I said, “Yeah I worked out and studied for a long time. I’m in school again.” Turned out she was a fitness instructor and was impressed with my workout. That was nice. So, I’ve been pounding it in the gym a bit but probably not enough.

There have been days when I knew I had projects due and I had to focus on only that to get the A or close to it grade I wanted. Those days have been endlessly spent over my laptop at the library, often in the “quiet,” room. And let me tell you the library quiet room can sometimes be so much louder than being in the rest of the library with screaming kids. There is something to be said for losing a sense and gaining the others being so much stronger. By not hearing all the noise, the crunching, slurping, sniffing, quiet talking, and more can be so much more annoying when you’re wanting it to be silent and someone is making a bunch of quiet noises.

Stepbacks Not failure:

I really feel like for me, for now, I should take step backs from certain things to succeed in school. I did really well on my first set of classes from pure determination and hard work. Next, I have Math. My very last Math class and It is hard for me, so I will have to step back from things and concentrate on Math. That sometimes means stepping back from working out, but other times when my mind is fuzzy and I need a break I must step into working out.


Now that the semester is over I’m finding it hard to get motivated to work out at all. I am at one of those rare stages for me where I must force myself to workout. It’s a challenge when this happens but today after I write this blog I will be going out and getting my workout done. I’m trying to decide if I want to go run the stairs or walk/run at the park or the gym. Lately, I haven’t wanted to be in the gym. I’m getting board at the gym. I just need to refocus my goals


I’m thinking by December I could be well onto reaching my weight loss and fitness goals if I can only focus on that too. I see the pictures of me at my fittest and I want to find that fit girl again. She’s in here I’m just struggling to see her lately. Not feeling motivated and having fresh baked bread feel like a magnet isn’t working to help me reach my goals. So, for me now it’s about decompressing from school and getting back to focusing on the fit me by just getting out there and working out, by preparing my fresh fruits and veggies again in the fridge ready to grab, by loving me now and working towards the future fit me.

Hope you are all reaching your goals and dreams. If not stop and reassess, after all, it’s about the journey right. You can always take now as a fresh moment to change for the better. Till next month sending you all my best.



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