Yoga Video Round Up for Flexibility and Weight Loss

Yoga Video Round-Up for Flexibility and Weight Loss


I’ve got to tell you I struggle with my flexibility. I am very inflexible and the bad news for me and those of you like me is as you age you become even less flexible.

The good news is you have control over that too by stretching the correct way. I have come up with a list of amazing and free yoga videos on that you can follow along with today.

I have taken many yoga classes over the years and these videos remind me of my favorite classes and instructors.

Julia Jarvis Yoga:

One person I really enjoyed watching and listening to her soothing voice was Julia Jarvis Yoga. I will be following along with her videos. Watching her yoga videos was like being in a great yoga class.

In this video, she focuses on yoga for weight loss and detox.


Watch and participate in this Julia Jarvis video to help flexibility for beginners. You will be able to follow along and understand why you are doing certain moves.

Tone It Up:

The next video features Karena from Tone It Up. You can also find many other videos by the Tone It Up team of Karena & Katrina. They will inspire you to be your best. In this yoga video, Karena in on the beach and I had to feature a relaxing yoga session on the beach.


The Yoga Solution With Tara Stiles:

This next video with Tara Stiles is for beginners to enhance flexibility and is under 10 minutes. She is calming and easy to follow.


This final video for all of you who think, “I don’t even have 10 minutes for yoga today!” Well, here is a 5-minute yoga video. No excuses for any of us.

Have a great one guys!

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